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Maraxus DCT V2

Maraxus DCT V2

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  • eLiPro-D (Maraxus)
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  • ESCO
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  • eLiPro-D
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  • Maraxus eLiPro-D ecig
    18650 - 2200mAh
    510 thread
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  • 06-25-2018
Detail Information

Maraxus Battery Ecig/ Maraxus eLiPro-D ecig/eLiPro-D Maraxus/eLiPro-D  DCT V2 Maraxus/  Maraxus DCT V2/eLiPro-D  DCT V2

maraxus mod description:
1. tainless fully mechanical mod
2. elescopic and collapsible type ss maraxus mod
3. ade of 316 SS (surgical stainless steel) & Gold Plated Brass body
4. pper and lower pins are Gold Plated Brass made
5. uto adjustment in the upper pins (to prevent misfire)
6. Soft touch firing button
7. Larger pins to lower the voltage drop
8. 8 well-aligned vent holes for better body insulation
9. Derlin insulator
10.2-toned body for elegant look
11. Parts can be manipulated to achieve desired design
12. 510 threading
13. 6 lower wire-cut spikes and 4 upper spikes for unique appearance and better handling
14. Mirror finished body

eLiPro D Maraxus battery (MOD battery)
1. Unique design with copper and aluminum alloy Material
2. No Circuit board, No Welding to the battery could make its life last longer and safer
3. Compatible with all atomizers,can be detachable, atomization core could be replaced
4. Match with 18650(2200mAh) dry battery

Advantage of maraxus mod clone:
Gold Plated Brass pins (auto adjusting)Telescopic (All 18000 series batteries) bottom button
flush with body (prevents accidental firing in standing position

Pyrex DCT V2
1.DCT V2 tank vaporizer use pyrex glass and aluminium as materal
2.different colors can be chose:Black, purple, green, red, silver.
3.the resistance optional
4.with the nicely designed windows you can see the level of e-juice inside of tank
5.no leak,huge vapor
6.easy to clean and refill
7.pure taste without any objectional odors

Newest Maraxus Battery e cigarette Starter set

1 - eLiPro-D Battery tube/switch
1 - pyrex dct v2  clearomizer
1 - extra dct v2 atomizer
1 - 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery (2200mAh)
1 - Wall plug Charger
1 - Empty Inject bottle

Maraxus DCT V2
  • Maraxus DCT V2
  • Maraxus DCT V2
  • Maraxus DCT V2
  • Maraxus DCT V2
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