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NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette

NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette

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  • NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette
    Vapor stick box tank e cigarette
    Tank compatible
    Unique design for fashion e smoking
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  • 04-24-2018
Detail Information
ESCO-VT ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. stick box e cigarette. EGO-T TANK cartridge compatible
Unique design light box
Key Lock function
3 colors available

Technical specification:
1)Working voltage/current:DC-3.0-4.2V 1.2-1.6A
2)Atomizer resistance:2.0-2.4Ω
3)Cycle time of atomizer operation:15S±1S(cut off automatically in 15S)
4)LED flashes with over-time:3 times(when smoke one puff over 15s,the LED will flash 3 times and put out.
5) LED flashes less electricity:1 times
6) Quiescent current:≤10uA(Typical Value 3.5uA)
7) Charging :directly use USB(5.0 V),the light will grow red to indicate that the battery is receiving power,once fully charged,the indicator light will turn off.

Starter kit contain:

2 Rechargeble batteries
2 Tank atomizers
5 Tanks (type A)
1 V-light box
1 Wall adaptor
1 USB cable
Products Character

1) Lighter E-cigarette adopts stereo and simulated design that easy to carry and dismounting which is more convenient and flexible.
(2)During using it ,the botton of LED will change bright or dark as smoking.
(3)Atomizer is adopted high-tech metal heat wire which is durable,high heating rate and big smoke quantity.
(4) The cycle of single atomizer which over 15S that will cut off atomizer dimounting automatically.
(5)Directly charging by DC5V.The LED indicate red when charging,and the LED turn dark with full power which have an function that you can smoke at the same time charging.
(6)Key Lock Function:3 time lock or open continuously.

NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette
  • NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette
  • NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette
  • NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette
  • NEW ESCO-VT E Cigarette
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