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EGO-T LCD E Cigarette

EGO-T LCD E Cigarette

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  • EGO E Cigarette
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  • ESCO
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  • ESCO650A-1-LCD
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  • New EGO-T LCD E Cigarette
    Five Click shut/off function
    More colors LCD battery power display
    650, 900 and 1100 mah
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  • 07-22-2018
Detail Information

New   EGO-T LCD E Cigarette;  Battery power and puffs display

Tank System LCD eGO-T Electronic Cigarette; LCD eGO-T E-cigarette; LCD eGO-T e cigarette; LCD eGO-T e smoking cigarette; LCD eGO-T electric cigarette

5 Click shut/off function. Battery power and puffs number display LCD each time when pressing button

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atomizer and battery)
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The LCD eGo-T builds on the achievements of the eGo. Its huge 650 mAh battery enables over 800 puffs a day. The eGo-T is the firs e-cigarette to apply the new tank use of tissue inside the tank. This revolutionary new e-cigarette makes dripping system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 1.2ml tank cartridge without the use of easier and less frustrating for consumers.

The LCD eGo-T consists of tank cartridge, tank atomizers and batteries. It offers five times as many puffs as other normal e-cigarette. The eGo-T gives a realistic feel and provides lots of vapor with mechanisms inherited from the eGo double air circulation system. The newpower saving battery function improves the efficiency of power consumption. In off position, the eGo-T will not function even when pressing the battery button.  


Product name: 650mah eGO-T Electronic Cigarette
Brand: ESCO
Model No: ESCO650B-1-LCD
Ecig size: 152mm (L) & 14mm (D)
Ecig color (Regular): Black (white, pink, titanium, golden; blue, red etc all available)
Battery capacity: Lithium, 3.7 V 650 mAh, 900mah and 1100mah
Single cartridge hold puffs: 150-180 puffs
Full charge battery hold puffs: 1000-1200 puffs
E liquid contain in cartridge: 1.2ml
Normal Working Voltage: 3.3-3.7V
Charging Time: 2.5- 3.0hm

Battery Life: 300 times


2 Tank atomizer; 2 pcs LCD batteries; 5 tank cartridges; 1 pc Wall charger; 1 pc USB charger


1. Elegant; Portable; No flammable; No second hand smoke; Smoke anywhere
2. Strong battery capacity hold long time vaping requirement
3. No tar and other carcinogenic substance
4. No ignition and no fire burning danger
5. Can smoke in public place
6. Enable smoker painless to quit smoke
7. Save 80% smoking cost each year


USA-mixed, Tobacco, Menthol, RY4, T5, Hiton, Virginia, Cappuccino, Cuba Cigar, French Pipe, Mild Seven, Double Mint, Cherry, State Express, Blended, B & H, Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, Coffee, Vanilla, Mint, Lemon, Mandarin, Cream, Light Fragrance, Concentrated Fragrance, Melon, Rose, Grape, Almond, Banana, Kiwi, Chocolate, Peach, Fennel, Green Tea, Black Tea, Watermelon, Red Bull, Mango, Mandarin, Ginseng, Jasmine, Licorice, Lilac, Spearmint, Blueberry, Flue Cured etc.


High: 26mg, 24mg, 18mg, 16mg Medium: 18mg, 12mg
Low: 12mg, 11mg, 6mg Non; 0mg
Warranty: 6 months for whole kit and 3 months spare parts

EGO-T LCD E Cigarette
  • EGO-T LCD E Cigarette
  • EGO-T LCD E Cigarette
  • EGO-T LCD E Cigarette
  • EGO-T LCD E Cigarette
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